Terraform Associate Exam: Proven Study Guide to Ace It

Terraform associate exam is a foundational level of certification that checks a candidate’s understanding of essential knowledge and skills on Terraform OSS and the features that exist on Terraform Enterprise packages and Terraform clouds.

Who Should Take the Terraform Associate Exam?

The Terraform Associate certification from Hashicorp is for Cloud Engineers specializing in operations, IT, or developers who know the basic methods and skills associated with open source HashiCorp Terraform. Candidates can perform best in this exam if they have the professional experience to use Terraform in production, but practicing the exam objectives in a unique demo environment may also be sufficient. The person should know enterprise features and what can and cannot be done using the open-source offering.

What Is the Exam Structure? And How to Take?

The terraform associate is 57 questions long proctored exam. You can take the terraform associate exam online at the convenience of your home or office while being observed by a proctor via webcam and microphone. A candidate gets 60 minutes to complete the exam. A highlight feature allows a candidate to mark a question and keep it for later review.

Who Should Consider Taking the Terraform Associate Exam?

The exam is probably too easy for experienced users. So, if you are a candidate, who has been using terraform quite regularly, you probably won’t learn anything just from taking the terraform associate exam. For experienced users, the exam may serve the purpose of grabbing another badge. Though, getting more certifications is beneficial.

Therefore the terraform associate exam is highly recommended to anyone who hasn’t started the terraform journey or is very basic with terraforming. If you are new to use Terraform and wish to learn how to use it, facing the exam can be quite a good start for you.  The terraform associate exam forces you to learn and cover many aspects of Terraform and give you a quite good overview. The associate level exam can be an excellent exam to really check if you are really ready to use it in real-world production works.

Validity of Terraform Associate Certification:

The Terraform associate certification is valid for two years only, while many other certifications offer three years of validation. But it should not be a  reason for concern because Terraform does evolve quite quickly. Suppose a candidate compares his Terraform code from two years ago to the recent code he just wrote with the latest version. In that case, he can literally see the evolution and how it has become more flexible and easier to use.

How to Get Ready for the Exam:

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Use the official Site Resources:

A candidate’s first target is to learn about the exam topics. Hashicorp offers the study guide and review guide for different level candidates. If you are learning from scratch, you need to learn from the study guide. Hashicorp offers valuable resources to learn for the terraform associate exam. Make a target to learn from those resources.

Plan A Schedule:

Make a plan of how many topics you want to cover within a specific time and act accordingly. Time management is essential when you start preparing for any exam. You must be organized enough to ace the exam on your first attempt. Choose the most productive time of the day and focus on covering the syllabus topics. If your routine is set, you can easily a lot of the time for study. A candidate can prepare within one month, but if he needs more time, he can study for two months.

Use the Sample Questions from the Official Site:

Solving multiple questions helps a candidate to widen his knowledge. He understands the exam structure better while solving the questions.

HashiCorp Certified-Consul Associate: Why Practice Test Is Essential to Ace It?

Use Terraform Cloud:

Hands-on practice is very important to pass the terraform associate exam. Practice on terraform cloud to gain more clarity. Learn about the shared state and secret data, and collaborate on version control systems. The process would allow you and your team to work on infrastructure as code within your usual code workflow.

Learn about Your Mistakes from Terraform Associate Practice Test:

A candidate must discover his strengths and weaknesses through Terraform Associate practice test attempts. Only studying and landing at the exam center is not a good idea. Due to lack of practice, you may miss out on some questions. So, it is important to practicing online and keeping track of your preparation regularly. Take the help of the result section to learn more about the areas that need more care.

Final Words:

Certifications are knowledge booster and act as a stepping stone to grab attention among a thousand job seekers. So, build your knowledge from the base through the Terraform associate certification and move ahead.

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